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9) Make a paper crane 22 Jan 2012

I fondly remember as a kid reading the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. A true and remarkable story of a young Japanese girl living in Hiroshima during the atomic bombing. After developing leukaemia from radiation, Sadako sets out to fold 1000 origami cranes. As Japanese legend has it: The one who folds a thousand cranes shall be granted a wish. Sadako’s one wish is to live. But tragically before she completes her goal, Sadako passes away, leaving her friends & family to rally together to make her dream a reality.

The story of Sadako is a heartbreaking one reminding us (and children in particular) of the consequences of war and the importance of friendship and family.

Last night we had a little gathering at our place with some of our favourite people. At the end of the night, we enlisted the support of our dear friend and ongoing collaborator Annie Onyi Cheung (check out her work, she’s awesome). Using standard computer paper, Annie taught us the intricate steps involved in folding a paper crane. It was a hilarious and reckless affair (complete with trash talking), but we all got through it unscathed.

This morning, just as a refresher, John and I pulled out some old National Geo’s we had lying around. We tore and cut up pages and made our own little cranes for the apartment.

Thank you to Annie, Vasa & Rick for your company last night. We’re so so blessed to have friends who inspire us daily.

One Response

    vasa says:

    This was so much fun. Just when I thought I had the design perfect ( started trash talking), I realized I was wrong (stopped trash talking).

    Thanks Annie for demonstrating superb teaching skills to help me through. :)

    Good luck with your list guys…